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Leoncavallo, La Boheme

Teatro Grattacielo

November 21 2019


La Boheme

Seton Hall Classical Concert Series

May 8, 10,13,15 2020


La Boheme

Opera in Williamsburg













Leoncavallo’s La Boheme , PARTERRE BOX

Callum John Blackmore

Stefanos Koroneos brought plenty of steel to the role of Schaunard: his quicksilver high register added a touch of excitement to Leoncavallo’s billiards game, while his wheeler-dealer quasi-recitativo had a persuasive lilt during as he sweet-talked the bartender, Gaudenzio

Leoncavallo’s La Boheme , OPERAWIRE

Jennifer Pyron

Stefanos Koroneos sang the role of Schaunard with adeptness and enthusiasm. He visually personified a leadership quality within the ensemble cast that also played to his character’s benefit by creating a Schaunard that was secure in his role as a master charmer. The exciting qualities of Koroneos voice were heard best in this role.

Don Bartolo, The Virginia Gazette

John Shulson

Stefanos Koroneos was solidly cast as Bartolo, his role’s conniving traits nicely rendered, along with a solid, well rounded bass-baritone.

Don Bartolo, IL BARBIERE DI SIVIGLIA, Miami Herald

Daniel Fernandez

"Stefanos Koroneos as the scoundrel Don Bartolo was a great surprise, because this character is usually played very reserved, but this magnificent singer took away from his antagonist the possible shine, enhancing the scenes in which he participated."

Don Bartolo, IL BARBIERE DI SIVIGLIA , South Florida Classical Review

Laurence Budmen

'Stefanos Koroneos has sung at La Scala, the Rossini Festival in Pesaro and with the Berlin Philharmonic. Wearing a long grey wig and gold coat, he was a zany Bartolo who clowned it up at every opportunity. His well schooled buffo bass rang out with force and depth and he could spin Rossini’s ornaments at top speed."

Mozart e Salieri/Il Maestro di Capella, Milan

Elisabetta Tessaroli, Operaclick

Stefanos Koroneos affronts both of the baritone roles with great ease. The voice is very well projected and the high Gs are sung in full voice without using falsettos or other compromises"

Mozart e Salieri/Il Maestro di Capella, Milan

Luca Chierici, Corriere della Musica

...Koroneos identified himself with conviction in his part and have been able to create a nice piece of theater"

Tosca, Sagrestano, Loft Opera New York

Allegri con foco

Baritone Stefanos Koroneos was a convincing Sacristan, displaying the right comic touch without mugging or overdoing it.

Opera News- El Gato con Botas

Cornellia Iredell

Stefanos Koroneos pleasing baritone suited the role of the comically ineffectual King.

Puss perfect, Parterre Box

John Yohalem

Stefanos Koroneos, mysteriously foreshortened (how do they do that?) but adorned in mustachios suitable for Alfonso XIII, sang as pompous and portentous a monarch as any fairy tale could desire.

Winsome Retelling of ‘Puss in Boots’,New York Observer

James Jorden

Stefanos Koroneos mugged adorably as the dim-witted King

El Gato con Botas, Gotham Chamber Opera

Victor Gluck, TheaterScene.net

Stefanos Koroneos as the King brought a sense of levity to his role

Madcap Magic of Cat vs. Ogre, El Gato con Botas, NY Times


..fine singing all across the board...

First Nighter: "El gato con botas," Huffington Post

David Finkle

Stephanos Koroneos as the realm's benevolent king was consistently in good voice and good humor.

Gotham Chamber Opera puts a delightful seasonal spin on children’s classic, New York Classical Review

Eric C. Simpson

Stefanos Koroneos drew plenty of laughs as a bumbling, benign king.

Opera Actual, El Gato con Botas, Nueva York

Eduardo Brandenburger

...comiquisimo y torpe Rey interpretado con extrema gracia por Stefanos Koroneos.

Review: El gato con botas (Puss in Boots)

Navida Stein, The Stage Buddy

Stefanos Koroneos is fun to watch as he mines many humorous moments in the role of the diminutive king.

Opera News,20th Gala Anniversary Opera Grattacielo

Arlo Mc Kinnon

"Alichino lo vedi" a darkly comic aria from Ottorino Respighi's Belfagor was handily delivered by Baritone Stefanos Koroneos.


Peter Danish

Baritone Stefanos Koroneos sang with great joy and style to match, a charmingly light selection (the evening's only light number!) from Respighi's "Belfagor." In which a nobleman takes great delight in dictating to his servant the menu for an upcoming feast.

Captain Michaelis, Berneck, Switzerland

Auch Stefanos Koroneos überzeugte in den Gesängen «Don Quichotte an Dulcinea», dem letzten Werk Maurice Ravels. Vom romantischen Versprechen der Geliebten, die Sterne von Himmel zu holen, über das Gebet an den heiligen Michael bis zum Stammeln eines Betrunkenen setzte er den Charakter von Ravels Musik meisterhaft um. Am stärksten beeindruckte der griechische Bariton allerdings mit den Liedern seines Landsmanns Manos Hadjiakis. Als Schauspielmusik zum Stück «Freiheit oder Tod» von Nikos Kazantzakis (Autor von «Alexis Sorbas») komponiert, handeln die Songs vom Freiheitskampf der Kreter gegen die Osmanen. Auch ohne den Text zu kennen, ahnte man die dramatische Entwicklung.

Armonia d' Amor Opera Gala-Santo Domingo

Jose Rafael Sosa

...Stefanos Koroneos, a baritone of considerable strength and vocal weight......

Monterone, Rigoletto, Fresno Grand Opera

The Fresno Bee, Donald Munro

....I was very impressed with the performance of Stefanos Koroneos as Count Monterone....

La Spia, Il Piccolo Marat, Opera Grattacielo, Avery Fisher Hall, NY

"...Stefanos Koroneos made a singifincant cotributions in his role..." Qmetropolis, Bruce-Michael Gelbert "The rest of the stellar cast was...Stefanos Koroneos as La Spia..." Opera-L Archives, George Vooghis

Alcindoro-Benoit Fresno Grand Opera, CA

The Fresno Bee, Donald Munro

The silly rich dandy Alcindoro was played with gusto by a finely comedic Stefanos Koroneos...

Sharpless, Metro Lyric Opera, NJ

The Star_Ledger, Ruth Bonapace

Stefanos Koroneos is a world class bass baritone and very convincing as Sharpless, the USA consul.

Long Leaf Opera, The Bear-Lucas

- Classical Voice of NC

"Stefanos Koroneos as the widow's sly and imprudent servant Luka, was a charming comic caricature and he sang the role with panache."

Palm Beach Opera, Tosca (Sacristan)

- Palm Beach Daily News

"As the befuddled, buffo Sacristan, baritone Stefanos Koroneos showed a winning baritone and a comedic skill"

Houston, Tosca, (Sacristan)

John DeMers- Houston Arts

Best side dish in this Opera production was Stefanos Koroneos as the hyper-ventilating,ever crossing-himself sacristan.

Connecticut Grand Opera, Le Nozze di Figaro (Figaro)

- Jerome R. Sehulster, The Staford Advocate

"Koroneos was a naturall in the role:quick-witted, fast-talking, but also dumbfounded at the appropriate time....his totat stage package was satisfying."

La Traviata- Barone Douphol

Post Star

Baritone Stefanos Koroneos, playing Violetta's former lover Baron Douphol is posseded of an arresting vocal instrument, vibrant, cutting and suited for take-no prisoner villains of operatic repertore.

Palm Beach Opera, Tosca (Sacristan)

South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Stefanos Koroneos made a younger Sacristan than usual but proved just as unsuble in his silliness.

Teatro Reggio di Parma- Madame Butterfly

Particia Monteverdi- Operaclick

Complesivamente positivo anche l' apporto della numerosa schiera di comprimari...lo zio frequentatore di taverne del bravo Stefanos Koroneos

Madame Butterfly- Teatro Reggio di Parma

La gazzetta di Parma

Il tripudio dell pubblico ha riunito tutto il cast...al ottimo Stefanos Koroneos

Teatro Comunale di Piacenza- Rigoletto - Marullo

Francesco Bussi- La gazzetta di Piacenza

Piutosto affolato in contorno in cui si notano...Stefanos Koroneos.

Fondazione Toscanini Parma- Tosca- Sacristan

Giornale di Brescia

Nei ruoli secondari un esilarante Stefanos Koroneos come sacrestano molto bravo davvero...

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