“All the performers clearly had the benefit of Stefanos Koroneos’s sensitive direction”.


“Stefanos Koroneos  created moments of high aesthetics, which may not be unknown to those who know the syntax of international representation, but transformed into an image the magical and extreme dramatic music of Mozart for a work written 240 years ago (premiered in Munich on January 29, 1781), giving it a modern look at the age of internet and electronic music.

Fortunately, great directorial importance was given to the design of the lighting (Dimitris Koutas), especially in the group stages, creating wonderful images of great artistic power. Thus memorable scenes were recorded in my memory, such as the storm with the eerie white light and the ethereal transparency waving with the rhythms of the sea, the crimson bathing like the blood of Idomeneus, Idamante and Electra, the hysterical scene of Electra among the crowd, he has lost Idamante and is overflowing with rage.”


Flisvos Magazine  |  Elena Mathiopoulou

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