Work: Idomeneo



NOVEMBER 24-26TH, 2021

A co-production with Conference and Cultural Center of Heraklion, GR and Camerata Bardi Vocal Academy.

Creative team

Athens Philharmonia Orchestra
Conductor: Myron Michailidis
Director: Stefanos Koroneos
Scenography, costume design: Tasos Protopsaltou
Lighting: Dimitris Koutas
Video design and editing: Nikos Motsios
Video Art Projections: Matthew Deinhart
Stage manager: Konstantina Strani
Costumes: Chrisa Katsioula
Make up: IEK AKMH
Music preparation: Pavlos Kordis
Cembalo / piano: Pavlos Kordis
Basso continuo, cello: Renato Ripo
Translation / Subtitles: Elda Kladaki
Assistant director: Zacharis Perogamvrakis
Assistant set designer / costume designer: Maria Paragiotopoulou


Idomeneo: Thomas Massey / Donghyuk Chung
Ilia: Annie Fassea / Clara Iranzo
Elettra: Kristel Vinter / Wing Kwan Chung
Idamante: Kirsten Scott / Eva Marco
Arbace/High Priest: Marios Maniatopoulos
The voice of Neptune: Rick Agster / Manos Christoforakis
Cretan women: Anastasia Patsakidou / Sofia Simeonidou / Amalia Askordalaki / Konstantina Sifaki
Trojans: Klavdios Voutsinos / Theodoros Paltoglou / Konstantinos Palaiologou / Emmanouil Zoumpoulakis

Heraklion Choir

Choir conductor: Yannis Kiagiadakis

“One of those works that even a first-class genius like Mozart manages only once in his lifetime.” That is how Alfred Einstein defined Idomeneo, King of Crete, Mozart’s third venture into the “opera seria” genre, demolishing its traditional boundaries, to open the way to lyric drama. Blending youthful earnestness with mature mastery, Mozart uses – while profoundly changing – the elements of a genre based on arias that come one after another with no real concern for dramatic progression. The hero bound by an oath that forces him to sacrifice a loved one, a popular theme in the 18th century, offered him wonderful resources. The presence in Munich of the famous Mannheim Orchestra, considered the best in Europe at the time, contributed to the development of an exceptional symphonic richness. This innovative opera was Mozart’s first great success featuring the abdication of a king in favour of his son just as he was freeing himself from his father’s protection.